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Leading dairy cooperative in France and third largest in Europe, Sodiaal has more than 17,700 producers on more than 10,040 farms located in 73 departments. Committed to offering the best from the dairy-producing regions, Sodiaal has a presence in all dairy business areas: cheeses (Entremont, Monts & Terroirs, Fromageries Occitanes and CF&R*), milk, cream and butter (Candia), nutrition (Nutribio), dairy ingredients (Eurosérum, Bonilait and Régilait**), ultra-fresh and frozen (Yoplait*** and Boncolac).

The cooperative President is Damien Lacombe, a milk producer based in Aveyron, and managed by Jorge Boucas.

*: 50 % in partnership with Savencia; **: 50 % in partnership with Laïta; ***: 51 % owned by General Mills





Sofiprotéol and IDIA Capital Investissement support Sodiaal in its growth

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