Supporting innovation for players in the vegetable oils and proteins sectors

You design and promote innovation…

… We take part in the financing of your innovation prior to its industrial and commercial launch!

The French Oilseed Strategic Action Fund (FASO) is an interprofessional fund managed by Sofiprotéol, which supports in the financing of your innovations.

At what stage? Before an industrial or commercial development.

In what way? In the form of grants or repayable advances.

Sofiprotéol support companies and their academic partners who carry out innovation projects involving industrial research or experimental development. Through FASO, Sofiprotéol can also finance their investment in collaborative research and innovation projects. What are the objectives of these projects? To elaborate innovative products, processes, and services with concrete prospects for industrialization and commercialization.

These projects are planned … To developments that improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the production

  • Of oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower),
  • Of legumes (peas, soya, field beans, lupins), and
  • Of pulses (lentils, chickpeas).
  • The development of products derived from oils and proteins to meet the growing needs of human food, animal nutrition, chemistry, and renewable energy.

Annual budget for innovation: 5M€

The amount of grants or repayable advances are determined by Sofiprotéol according to:

  • The specifications of the project and its advancement, The level of risk, and
  • The company’s profile.

This support presents between 25% and 50% of the total amount of the project, with an average financing of 200,000 €.

Companies must submit their application directly to the innovation fund manager.


The main strategic priorities supported:

Protein sovereignty plan

  • To promote the development of innovations strengthening of the assets of the vegetable oils and proteins sector, and
  • Increasing the development of legumes to meet the demand of food and feed markets for local and sustainable proteins. All the while contributing to national sovereignty.

Example of a supported project: development of a protein-rich rapeseed meal


Sustainable agricultural transition plan

Sofiprotéol is working to support farming model transition in France. In what way? By offering the required tools to farmers to help them improve the sustainability of their production. All without impacting their competitiveness and while developing markets enabling them to exploit these innovations and encourage the improvement of their methods.

A few examples of projects supported:

Shared platform for pre-selection of plant varieties: Innolea

Public-private consortium for plant improvement: Plantalliance


Food transition plan

Sofiprotéol is committed to supporting the development of healthier, more sustainable food derived from oilseed and legume resources. In what way? By supporting initiatives designed to balance the human diet towards more vegetable proteins and promoting their benefits such as nutrition, health, and taste.


Biofuel and bioeconomy plan

Renewable oilseed-based biofuels could contribute to the major challenges of energy transition through new low-carbon energy models. Sofiprotéol supports prospective studies on these markets and projects that will enable introducing more sustainable solutions.

Example of supported projects: the implementation of a 2nd generation biofuel demonstrator based on biomass, BioTfuel


Annual activity reports: Terres Univia


Download the funding application file:

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