Sustainable commitment, a long-term focus of our investment philosophy within the heart of the regions

Sofiprotéol forges privileged relationships with the players throughout the agricultural and food sector by carving out its own identity and values. These include its expertise, its long-term commitment, and its support for innovative, value-creating projects.

A committed and responsible financial player in the agricultural sector

Sofiprotéol’s strategy relies on a responsible commitment towards creating value for the agricultural and food sectors. What makes us special is our investments in companies in the field crop and livestock sectors around oil and protein sector, our historical area of intervention.

Our mission? Investing in responsible sectors, serving the regions and paying careful attention to consumers’ needs.

Our vision? “Serving the Earth”, Sofiprotéol’s purpose, focuses on investing in sustainable agriculture and food in the territories, essential drivers in response to social and environmental challenges.

“Serving the Earth”, the Avril Group’s purpose, is thus at the heart of our action in order:

  • To structure and facilitate an innovative agricultural and food ecosystem,
  • To be attentive to consumers by improving the traceability and quality of products,
  • To defend France’s food and energy sovereignty,
  • To serve and perpetuate the dynamics of our rural territories,
  • To strive for a fair remuneration of the producers’ work,
  • To develop non-food uses that contribute to the energy and ecological transitions.

The goal of our investments? Providing long-term support to companies in the agricultural and food sectors with a view towards strengthening their competitiveness and supporting a fair remuneration of producers. All this while ensuring sustainable, high-quality food for consumers.

Thus, we are involved at all stages of the agricultural and food chain:

  • Upstream of agricultural production: seeds, plant, and animal health, along with crop inputs, to promote the development of the means of production adapted to the corresponding economic and environmental challenges.
  • With storage and food processing industry organizations and downstream of the agricultural and food sectors to sustainably support the promotion of productions.

What is our role within the French agricultural and food sector?

Sofiprotéol supports agricultural suppliers:

  • To accompany the stakeholders in their progression towards a more responsible agriculture, notably through the perspective of innovation
  • To promote, through tangible, measurable actions, the positive role of agriculture in the preservation of the planet
  • To work towards a fair remuneration of producers’ labour in order to perpetuate the dynamics of our rural territories
  • To support a pluralistic agriculture, and to conceive the different production systems within a logic of complementarity

Sofiprotéol is positioned as a partner in terms of demand:

  • To ensure quality food accessible to all
  • To reassure the consumer by improving the traceability of products
  • To develop the local sectors, according to a rationale of proximity for the benefit of the territories
  • To differentiate our animal and vegetable productions, responding to consumer demands, as a strength, such as non-GMO, organic, and so on.

Sofiprotéol supports the development of the sectors:

  • To anticipate societal expectations and consumer demand in order to consolidate our sectors
  • To support the development of competitive industries in France and defend France’s food sovereignty
  • To contribute towards value creation and its equitable distribution