Marketing crop production to market

Since its inception, Sofiprotéol has been deeply involved with grain handling, transport, seed storage, and marketing companies. Our objective consists in accompanying this sector experiencing rapid transformation. To this end, we support some thirty cooperatives or private groups within the sector.  Sofiprotéol participates in the strengthening of their equity capital with a double objective: improving the competitiveness of their historical business lines and increasing their resilience by diversifying their businesses.

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Supporting players in tune with the markets

Marketing crop productions encompasses all stages of collection, storage, and marketing of vegetable productions in France and abroad.

At the heart of agricultural transitions in France, this sector is currently undergoing a major transformation. The primary links in the agricultural chain are essential to constructing resilient agricultural sectors that create value and are in line with consumer expectations.

Since its creation, Sofiprotéol has been supporting the players in the marketing of crop productions. How? By participating in boosting their equity capital and contributing to the emergence of regional, national, and international leaders to meet farmers’ needs.

As an illustration, Sofiprotéol assisted the private trader and grain handler GN Solutions in the takeover of Établissements Demeuré, a family business based in the Côtes d’Armor. The aim was to create a leading agricultural trading group in its territory. This new group enables perpetuating the presence of storage organizations in Brittany, offering services to farmers.

This investment is in line with Sofiprotéol’s strategy of structuring and consolidating strong national operators rooted in the territories to ensure the sustainability of farmers’ activities and revenues.

Cyril Melin, Co-Head of Investment

Focus on: our support for organic actors

Our support to the organic sector is based on the fact that Sofiprotéol positions itself as a supporter of all types of agriculture and production methods and as an architect of responsible supply chains.

Sofiprotéol accompanies the upstream side of the French organic sector namely in constructing collection and storage tools adapted to the requirements of organic farming. These tools are equipped with numerous storage units in order to respond to the diversity of crops inherent crop segmentation issues.

Sofiprotéol thus participated in developing new storage and grain processing units dedicated to organic farming in various formats alongside:

  • A cooperative, CAPA in Ariège
  • A new union of cooperatives, Aquitabio in Charente-Maritime
  • An existing union, AgriBio Union, in Haute-Garonne

In addition to the financial tools made available to its partners, Sofiprotéol is integrated in the ecosystem of the organic sector:

  • Member of the Club des Financeurs de l’Agence Bio.
  • Groupe Bio Grandes Cultures in connection with the actors of the organic sectors.

Sofiprotéol supports all types of agriculture, be they conventional, quality, or organic, and we work with the sector to ensure a strong French agriculture. Just as there are several types of consumers, there are several types of farmers. At Sofiprotéol we support them all.

Cyril Melin, Investment Director

Our portfolio

18M€  under management (31/12/2022)
11  investments

They testify to our support

Taking into account societal expectations on the one hand, and the determination to develop the sustainability of farms and agricultural and industrial practices on the other, are profoundly changing the economic models of our various activities. We are delighted with our long-term partnership with Sofiprotéol. We firmly believe that it will enable us to accelerate the realization of our project and to accompany the Group’s development over the long term.

Patrick Grizou, Chairman, Groupe Terres du Sud

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