Your strategic and sustainable financial partner for the agricultural and food sectors

Architect of responsible sectors, Sofiprotéol is an investment company dedicated to players in the agricultural and food sectors, serving the territories and listening to societal expectations.

Our approach

Sofiproteol: the sustainable financing subsidiary of the Avril group

For more than 40 years, Sofiprotéol has been supporting companies in the agricultural and food sector and offering financing solutions adapted to their growth projects.

Our objective: to help structure and develop the national sectors anchored in all our territories.

570 M€  Equity
+80  Companies financed
1983  Year of creation
100 M€  Invested per year

Nos secteurs d’expertise

Notre raison d’être : servir la Terre ! Pour ce faire, notre activité est structurée en 6 grands secteurs couvrant l’intégralité de la chaîne des filières agricoles et alimentaires.

Our latest investments

With around fifty participations, and in total more than a hundred interventions, Sofiprotéol intervenes from the upstream of agricultural production to the downstream through collection organizations and primary processing.