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TORCE (35) August 2022

OKwind develops solutions for the production and consumption of green energy in short supply chains. OKwind offers a low-carbon solution based on solar energy, which allows its customers (farms, local authorities, industrial sites and individuals) to produce and consume their own renewable energy. Its comprehensive approach, combining energy generation and management, aims to strengthen energy autonomy and thus accelerate the ecological transition. In addition, the production model designed for self-consumption guarantees a stable cost of electricity for a 30-year period, a real value-added in the current context of inflation. OKwind therefore accelerates the deployment of a low-carbon and competitive energy source, particularly within farms, thus strengthening its action in favor of the energy transition and its support to the agricultural sector, which is in line with the Purpose of Sofiproteol, “Serving the Earth”.


To know more : Groupe OKwind, the expert in self-consumption of renewable energy, announces a partnership with Sofiprotéol to speed up its growth

The participants in the operation

  • Luc Ozanne, Antoine Daulton

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