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Among the top 10 world field crop seed companies, LIDEA masters the entire value chain from breeding, seed production to the marketing of varieties.

LIDEA designs and offers innovative, personalized and sustainable solutions for multi-species seeds (corn, sunflower, cereals, rapeseed, fodder crops, soybeans, sorghum, pulses) and multi-brands that create added value for producers.

With a turnover of 350 million euros, and more than 30 million euros devoted each year to industrial investments and R&D, LIDEA has a sustainable and respectful vision to support today the agriculture of tomorrow.


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Actualités: Sofiproteol contribue à une nouvelle étape structurante du secteur semencier avec la naissance de LIDEA, issue du rapprochement entre Euralis Semences et Caussade Semences



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