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Field seeds: strengthening of the strategic partnership between Limagrain Europe and Sofiprotéol

04.03.2021 - News
Upstream: agricultural supplies

Saint-Beauzire, 4 March 2021Limagrain Europe is pleased to announce a strengthening of its equity capital by €25 M, subscribed by its historical minority shareholder Sofiprotéol.

 Limagrain Europe is a major player in field seeds, covering 50 countries and developing a multi-species offering based on a wide portfolio of varieties. Limagrain Europe is a European leader in wheat, rapeseed and forage maize, and a major player in corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, and sunflower.

The strengthening of its equity capital will enable Limagrain Europe to consolidate its leading positions in the long term and accelerate its development, thanks in particular to its continued investments in research.

Limagrain Europe has already demonstrated its ability to contribute through the development of solutions focused on seeds and varietal innovation to an ever more sustainable form of agriculture by offering high-performance varieties that are resistant to diseases and water stress, while meeting the needs of all types of agriculture.

With this long-term commitment, Sofiprotéol, a financing and development company and Avril Group subsidiary with a commitment to agro-industrial and food companies, aims to strengthen its partnership in favour of an ambitious strategy for meeting the challenges of the agricultural transition.

  • Luc Ozanne, Investment Director at Sofiprotéol, declared: “We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Limagrain Europe, a multi-species seed company that responds efficiently and pertinently to the needs expressed by farmers and industrialists. This operation fully exemplifies Sofiprotéol’s vocation, as seeds represent high stakes for agricultural sectors’ performance and development, in response to the expectations of consumers and society.


  • Régis Fournier, Field Seeds Director at Limagrain, adds: “Limagrain is the world’s leading non-agrochemical seed company. All of its Business Units are developing their activities with an offering centred on seeds, based on solid know-how in varietal selection and biotechnologies. Strengthening Limagrain Europe’s financial resources will enable the Group’s Field Seeds branch to continue offering ever more innovative and responsible solutions, in order to produce more and better.

About Limagrain Europe

Limagrain Europe is a subsidiary of Vilmorin & Cie which brings together the seeds activities of Limagrain, specialising in field seeds. The fourth largest seed company in the world, Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by almost 1,500 farmers based in Limagne Val d’Allier (in the centre of France), and an international seed group present in 57 countries, with more than 9,000 employees.

Through more than 21 subsidiaries covering 50 countries, Limagrain Europe develops a multi-species offering based on a wide portfolio of varieties. Limagrain Europe occupies strong positions in the main field seed species. Supported by the LG brand, it’s a European leader in corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, and sunflower.

 About Sofiprotéol

Founded in 1983 as an initiative by the agricultural industry, Sofiprotéol is a financing and development company and Avril Group subsidiary with a commitment to agro-industrial and food companies.

As an enduring partner, Sofiprotéol assists companies in the sector and in France’s agro-industry more broadly, over the long term. It focuses on consolidating their equity capital during development operations or investments aimed at increasing their competitiveness. From credit to equity capital, Sofiprotéol’s financing solutions are based on an industrial and entrepreneurial approach. They support development and innovation at all stages of the food and agro-industry chain: from upstream of agricultural production (seeds, genetics, crop inputs, etc.) to downstream (agro-industrial and food sectors), through the grain handling and food processing industries.

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