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08 June 2020

Best of “les Entretiens Sofiprotéol”

On January 21st, Sofiprotéol organised the third edition of “les Entretiens Sofiprotéol” at the Guimet Museum of Asian arts. The topic was :

Sofiprotéol, partner of your transformation :

As Sofiprotéol has been accompanying agribusiness and food industry groups for more than 30 years, this Forum highlighted the actions carried out by Sofiprotéol to help the agricultural world adapt to new consumer expectations.

You will find below the best moments of this symposium:

Sofiprotéol, a sustainable partner

Roundtable #1: Which products for tomorrow?

Roundtable #2: how agriculture adapts and transforms?

Conversation with the Great Witness: Brother Hugues Minguet

Concluding speeches: Xavier Dorchies, Michel Boucly, Arnaud Rousseau

Les Rencontres De Sofiproteol - partenariats - Sofiprotéol

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