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Eureden supported by its historical financial partners in its acquisition of André Bazin Group

13.01.2022 - Press releases
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Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels and Arkéa Capital (Groupe Crédit Mutuel Arkéa), Esfin Gestion, Idia Capital Investissement, Sofiprotéol and Unigrains, all historical financial partners of Eureden, subscribed to a €M 28 bond to support the French agricultural cooperative in its acquisition of André Bazin Group.

Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels, Arkéa Capital via Arkéa Capital Partenaire and the Breizh Ma Bro Fund, Esfin Gestion, Idia Capital Investissement, Sofiprotéol and Unigrains, all historical financial partners of Eureden, subscribed to a €M 28 bond to support the French agricultural cooperative in its acquisition of André Bazin Group. As with all of Eurden’s loans since its creation, and coherent with its CSR policies, this financing will be indexed to extra-financial indicators (work safety, renewable energy, animal welfare).

The strong complementarity between Aubret, Eureden’s historic subsidiary specialized in bacon, ham and sausage for food retailers, and the André Bazin Group, recognized for its know-how in the transformation of these products for the agri-food industry, will see the emergence of a French leader in cured meats, relying on a structured value-chain, the promotion of regional specialties and brands, product and service innovation, multi-species and naturalness as well as a focus on plant-based proteins.

The partnership between Eureden and André Bazin Group is based on the autonomy of management teams in place and thus does not entail any change to organizations or operational responsibilities. Philippe Wagner, President of André Bazin, remains strongly involved in the development of the new ensemble and, in particular, the deployment of his eponymous, premium, regional brand “Philippe Wagner”, based 100% on natural ingredients.

Alain Perrin, CEO of Eureden, declared: “We thank our financial partners for their trust and support in this ambitious project. We are delighted to see, once again, that they share and support our approach which consists of federating French and European partners – like André Bazin – with long-term commitments and positioned on quality products, in order to meet societal expectations and to development resilient agri-food value-chains.”

The financial partners, added: “We are pleased to continue supporting Eureden in its development and to financial the construction, through the Eureden’s meats division, a French leader in charcuterie centered on naturalness, terroirs and brands.

Actors involved in the transaction: 

Advisors to Eureden

  • Legal – Acquisition  ADVANT Altana (Jean-Nicolas Soret, Alice Lesot)
  • Legal – Financing     Weil Gotschal & Manges (Cassandre Porges, Awen Carnot, Côme Wirz)

Advisors to André Bazin

  • M&A    Messis Finance (Elie Auriac, Aurélien Bossuat, Augustin de Boisanger)
  • Legal   Vaquer Avocats (Anne-Sophie Vaquer, Nicolas Breffi)

Financial Investors

  • Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels (Marc Lopet, Nathalie Marco Sarrazin, Eric Gaulier)
  • Arkéa Capital et Breizh Ma Bro (Marc Brière, Pascal Barré)
  • Esfin Gestion (Thierry Lopez, Ronan Auffret)
  • Idia Capital Investissement (Jacques Simon, Clément Chabbert, Jean Lebreton)
  • Sofiprotéol (Cyril Melin, Martin Mézières)
  • Unigrains (Fabrice Queniat, Julie Bourget, Cécilia Martijena, Eric Porcheron)

Advisors to Investors

  • Legal    Fidal (Olivier Josset, Bérengère Tosani, Leia Rieutord)

About Eureden

The Breton cooperative group, Eureden, brings together 19 500 farmer-cooperators and 8 500 employees around a common ambition: good food for all, with a constant concern to meet the expectations of consumers and of society. Eureden is composed of 6 branches (Agriculture, Eggs, Meats, Frozen Foods, Long Life, and Green Distribution) and has 50 industrial sites, 300 shops for cooperative farmers and the general public as well as a portfolio of strong brands including d’aucy, Jean Nicolas, Globus, Paysan Breton, Cocotine, Aubret, Point Vert and Magasin Vert.

About Aubret

Located in Vallons de l’Erdre, France, Aubret is a specialist in ham, sausage and is the leading French manufacturer of bacon. It mainly addresses supermarkets (medium and large sized stores) through their distributor brands. With more than 600 employees and a production of 38 000 tonnes, Aubret is the main activity of Eureden’s meats division.

About André Bazin

André Bazin is a cold cuts specialist for manfucaturers of cooked meals, wholesalers-distributors as well as retailers with the Philippe Wagner brand. Founded on strong values, based in Breuches (Haute-Saône, France) the company employs more than 300 people and manufactures more than 20 000 tons of cured meats, cold meats and cooked meats per year. Thanks to the diversity of its product know-how: cured meats, cold meats, sausages, cooked meats, the company supplies more than 500 food specialized clients from multinationals to regional SMEs. Anchored in its terroir, the company is also the specialist of traditional Franc-Comtoise charcuterie products including Morteau and Montbéliard sausages. Finally, André Bazine has recently developed a premium regional brand, “Philippe Wagner”.

About the financial partners

Arkéa Capital :

Breizh Ma Bro :

Arkéa Banque Entreprises et Institutionnels :

Esfin Gestion :

Idia Capital Investissement :

Sofiprotéol :

Unigrains :

Contacts presse

  • Groupe Crédit Mutuel Arkéa: Ariane Le Berre-Lemahieu   

 Courriel : – Tel : 02 98 00 22 99

  • Esfin Gestion : Sylvie Huguet 

Courriel : – Tel : 01 40 23 30 60

  • Idia Capital Investissement : Marie-Catherine Cornic

Courriel : – Tel : 06 08 92 13 55

  • Sofiprotéol : Béatrice Germain

Courriel :   – Tel : 06 66 81 48 17

  • Unigrains : Ari Levine                                                                                             

Courriel : – Tel : 06 69 20 79 19

  • Eureden : Béatrice Perrot

Courriel : – Tel : 06 33 15 51 28


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