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08 September 2023

Sofiprotéol supports the development of bioSolutions in agricultural practices and assists Biobest (La Floridienne), one of the world leaders in the sectoir, in its growth strategy

This operation is part of Biobest’s acquisition of Biotrop, Brazil’s leading company in biological solutions for agriculture.

It will also help transform Biobest, a specialist in biological control and horticultural pollination, into a major player in biological solutions, covering biological control, inoculants, biostimulants and pollination for greenhouse and field crops.

Sofiprotéol is thus fully in line with its mission to support this sector, in the service of agricultural, food and environmental transitions.

We are delighted to join forces with the Floridienne Group to support Biobest’s acquisition of Biotrop, a key player in the transition to more sustainable agriculture. As a long-term investor, Sofiprotéol is committed to supporting the development of companies serving the agricultural, food and environmental transitions.

Luc Ozanne, Co-Head of Investment Sofiprotéol

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