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27 September 2022

Sofiprotéol announces the success of its recent capital raise with a view accelerating its investments in the agricultural and food company sectors

SOFIPROTEOL, a financing and development company, subsidiary of the AVRIL Group, announces the completion of its capital increase for an amount of €145M. Made possible with the support of its long-standing partners, this transaction provides the company with extended resources to serve its mission: accompanying the development of companies in the agricultural and food industry sectors in France and Europe, while supporting the agricultural, food, and environmental transitions.

This new injection reinforces the financial fundamentals of SOFIPROTEOL, a minority equity capital investor in companies operating in both the upstream and downstream plant and animal sectors, within the framework of development capital projects.

Thanks to this financing, SOFIPROTEOL will be able to respond to the growing demand for funding with higher amounts, focusing on three priority areas in support of companies: conducting structuring operations for the development of the sectors, supporting innovation and the competitiveness of French agriculture, and contributing to the promotion of healthier and more sustainable food.

This transaction underlines the interest of SOFIPROTEOL’s unique capital structure, based on three complementary families of shareholders: industrial, agricultural, and financial. The following subscribed to this capital increase, alongside Avril SCA: Association Nationale des Agriculteurs Multiplicateurs de Semences Oléagineuses (ANAMSO), Crédit Mutuel Arkea, Fédération du Négoce Agricole (FNA), Fédération Nationale des Agriculteurs Multiplicateurs de Semences (FNAMS), Fédération Nationale des Légumes Secs (FNLS), Groupama, Groupement des Transformateurs d’Oléagineux Métropolitains (GTOM), IDIA Capital Investissement (Crédit Agricole group), Natixis CIB, and TERRES UNIVIA, the interbranch association of vegetable oils and proteins.

I would like to express my gratitude to our shareholders for their trust and loyalty. Together with all Sofiprotéol’s employees, we are pursuing our mission as an architect of responsible industries, backed up by increased resources. We are committed to continuing to adapt and innovate in order to offer companies customized financing solutions that take into account societal and environmental issues, in line with the Group’s purpose, Serving the Earth.

Xavier Dorchies, Head of Sofiprotéol and Avril chief strategy and development officer

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