illustration Sofiprotéol - Sofiprotéol, Partenaire stratégique de l'agro-industrie et de l'agroalimentaire

Our mission

Sofiprotéol has forged special relationships with stakeholders in the farming sector by building up its own distinctive identity and values, as witness our expert eye, long-term commitment and support for innovative, value-creating projects.

A broad field of intervention

From these agricultural roots and our affiliation to with the Avril Group, Sofiprotéol’s action is driven by our mission to invest in responsible industries, serving the regions and listening to consumers.

While maintaining a close link with the oil and protein sector, Sofiprotéol has seen its investment capacities increase and is expanding its historical field of intervention to new sectors, particularly in arable crops and animal sectors such as meat and milk. A development driven by the desire to provide ever better support for French agriculture.

An investment policy to translate our objectives and reach our convictions

  • Agriculture is a solution for the planet,
  • .Economic growth can and must be respectful of the Earth, while promoting the development of our regions.
  •  Human intelligence can meet the world’s food needs with quality, healthy and safe products that are accessible to all.
  • Collective solidarity and strength must help each person to make the transition at his or her own pace.

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A lasting embodiment of identity and values

With more than three decades of history and its links with the agricultural world, Sofiprotéol seeks to preserve its specific values:

  • the ability to understand your company’s strategy thanks to real expertise in its business sectors;
  • responsiveness;
  • the capacity to adapt to each situation;
  • consideration of human capital;
  • commitment to the development and sustainability of sectors to promote value-creating projects;
  • priority given to supporting innovative projects and business creation.

“Sustainable commitment, anchoring our investments over time in the heart of the regions.”

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