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illustration Sofiprotéol - Sofiprotéol, Partenaire stratégique de l'agro-industrie et de l'agroalimentaire

Our mission

Sofiprotéol has forged special relationships with stakeholders in the farming sector by building up its own distinctive identity and values, as witness our expert eye, long-term commitment and support for innovative, value-creating projects.

A broad field of intervention

While maintaining close links with the oils and proteins sector, Sofiprotéol is increasing its investment capacities and broadening its field of action to new sectors, particularly arable crops and animal product sectors such as meat and milk. These changes are dictated by our desire to assist French farmers in every way we can.

Reasserted identity

Backed by our special links with the farming sector, Sofiprotéol seeks to preserve our own particular values:

  • The ability to understand your company’s strategy thanks to our genuine expertise in business sectors
  • Responsiveness
  • The ability to adapt to any situation
  • Consideration of human capital
  • A commitment to the development and staying power of sectors through value-creating projects
  • Priority given to assisting innovative projects and company creation

These are all values that Sofiprotéol’s experts – well-versed in the challenges and constraints of the farming sector – endeavour to perpetuate.

 “Sofiprotéol has successfully forged its own distinctive identity and values.”

A responsible finance

Sofiprotéol’s mission is founded on long-established, responsible criteria:

  • The fruits of investment are systematically reinvested
  • The companies it assists are mostly established in rural areas, so Sofiprotéol contributes directly to the dynamic energy of the regions
  • Investments, notably in venture capital funds, are aimed at developing new outlets in innovative activities

An approach based on 5 commitments

Sofiprotéol’s actions are part of a five-pronged sustainable development approach defined by the Avril Group:

  • Developing the national sectors
  • Ensuring better nutrition for people
  • Making long-term investment in the sectors
  • Preserving the planet
  • Working together
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