Agricultural processing and specialty ingredients

Supporting the competitiveness of the French Farm by creating value within the territories and the sectors. At the same time, providing natural, innovative solutions adapted to industrial challenges and anticipating societal expectations. These are some of the objectives pursued by Sofiprotéol on a daily basis.

Agricultural processing serving our territories and French industrial leaders

We work closely with the main players in the primary processing of seeds, including crushing, meat processing, malting, and milling. Our activities are often part of territorial, multi-partner projects in support of agricultural groups and cooperatives.

Our objectives? Maintaining companies sustainable in these business lines, thereby ensuring a competitive local outlet for farmers and employment in the regions.

How? In particular by investing in industrial tools and developing new business lines with our partners.

Our history stems from the French agricultural sector, in particular the vegetable oil and protein sector. This is a field of activity that we have since expanded to include all field crops.

Why? In order to take into account the diversity of agricultural commodities that make up a farmer’s crop rotation!

Achieving the sustainability objectives of local industries sometimes requires federating the players around a single project. As an example, for the processing of field crop production such as oilseeds, wheat, and barley.

Our commitment towards a non-GMO soya sector of French origin:

Soya proteins are primarily used as feed for poultry and cattle. They are mainly imported. To reduce our dependence, in addition to the national availability of rapeseed and sunflower oilseed meal in particular, it’s necessary to produce soya locally. The latter presents several advantages: in addition to being made in France, it is guaranteed non-GMO and deforestation-free. Sofiprotéol thus participated in the capital of several crushing plants in France, such as Extrusel in Burgundy, Sojalim in the Southwest and Oleosyn Bio in New Aquitaine. The aim is to produce, from oilseeds, 100% French oils on the one hand, and, on the other, vegetable proteins to feed the animal sector.

Cyril Melin, Co-Head of Investment

Our support for Oleosyn Bio exemplifies our role in the federation of players in field crop production. This initiative enables us to reduce our national dependence on foreign imports, thus securing the supply of 100% French sunflower oilseed meal to the organic animal sector, including organic meat, dairy, and egg products. For Xavier Dorchies, Chief operating officer:

Supporting Oléosyn Bio by connecting Terrena and Sanders implies supporting innovation. It involves providing our partners with effective long-term solutions to address transitions. By fully exercising our role as an industry architect, by committing ourselves in a mutualized way, we contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the value chain and the French origin of the organic industry.

Xavier Dorchies, Chief operating officer

Sustainable specialty ingredients:

Sofiprotéol expect companies bringing innovative specialty ingredients that are both natural and good for your health.

Our objectives? Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s societal expectations by placing the issues of sustainability, health, and naturalness firmly back on the table.

How? By promoting the development and expansion of small and medium-sized companies in the functional and nutritional ingredients and plant-based chemistry sectors.

In particular, we help companies to develop food ingredients, ingredients for nutrition and health, and aromatic ingredients. We also support companies in the field of plant-based chemistry, capable of providing sustainable alternatives to molecules of interest traditionally derived from non-renewable sources.

Sofiprotéol is thus contributing to accelerating the transformation of the food, health, and cosmetics sectors.

Our added value? Providing our partners with insights and expertise in terms of sustainability, traceability, and innovation in this rapidly developing sector.

In 2021, we supported the development of healthier and more sustainable food by backing the rise of Cosucra. This company is one of the European leaders in natural ingredients for the food and nutrition-health markets. We also provided support to Solina, a European leader in culinary and functional solutions for the food industry.

More and more consumers are choosing products over others to protect their health and nature. They are also increasingly mindful of their choice, by opting for products from short food supply chain producers or using as many natural ingredients as possible.
We are committed to promote a modern, healthy and sustainable nutrition and chemistry by concentrating the benefits of nature in easy-to-use, integrated solutions that respect consumer choices and the planet.

Luc Ozanne – Co-Head of Investment

Our portfolio

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They testify to our support

What we appreciate most about Sofiprotéol is their expertise, experience, network, and the quality of our interactions.

Olivier Chaillou, Former Chairman of TERRENA

We are particularly pleased with the spirit in which the discussions were held, taking into account the interests of all parties. Our collaboration with our partners goes beyond the mere provision of financial resources. We sensed their willingness to share their experience and to improve the business project in all its aspects of sustainability. This support confirms our determination to relentlessly pursue our mission. A mission that we continuously adapt to our two main stakeholders, the farmers and the food industry.

Jacques Crahay, Deputy Director of COSUCRA

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