illustration Sofiprotéol - Sofiprotéol, Partenaire stratégique de l'agro-industrie et de l'agroalimentaire

Who are we ?

An investment and development company, and a subsidiary of the Avril Group, Sofiprotéol is a strategic partner for stakeholders in the food and agribusiness sectors.

Tailor-made financing solutions

Committed for over 30 years alongside the main stakeholders in the food and agribusiness sectors, Sofiprotéol assists you with financing solutions tailored to the needs of your company.

Our actions (including minority stake acquisition, medium-term loans, convertible bonds, private investments, aid for R&D and venture capital operations) include:

  • Financing the development and internationalisation of your business
  • Boosting equity capital or transferring your company’s capital
  • Devising or negotiating strategic alliances

Supporting innovative projects

A committed financial stakeholders

Through our actions on behalf of oils and proteins companies (our longstanding sector of intervention) and of closely-related sectors, Sofiprotéol helps to structure and develop strong national sectors deeply rooted in the territories: a commitment central to the Avril Group’s mission.

A wide scope of intervention

“Assisting the leaders of the present and future”

Sofiprotéol always fosters an industrial and entrepreneurial approach, with the aim of developing and creating value, whatever a company’s size.

In the sectors we assist, this financing and development company takes action at every stage in the food and agribusiness chain: upstream of agricultural products (seeds, genetics, crop inputs, etc.) and of agricultural products (food and agribusiness sectors), by way of the grain handling and primary processing industries.

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