Our safety commitments

Sofiprotéol, a financing company and subsidiary of the Avril industrial group, places Safety at the heart of its CSR approach.

Safety: Sofiprotéol’s priority

SofiCARE, the approach taken by Sofiprotéol

With its “SofiCARE” plan, Sofiprotéol aims to contribute to its partners’ commitments in the field of safety, not only by getting involved in the monitoring of indicators within the companies supported, but also by raising awareness and participating in the improvement of the practices implemented by all stakeholders to ensure employee safety.

With its “SofiCARE” plan, Sofiprotéol is determined to strengthen its Safety approach in its investments and in the monitoring of its holdings.

This approach is part of a desire to make Safety a criterion of a company’s collective performance that is a source of sustainable employment for its employees.
Within this framework, Sofiprotéol encourages its partners in this field and is adopting a virtuous and unifying approach based on the sharing of good practices and the initiatives of all stakeholders (managers and employees).

Through this approach, Sofiprotéol also seeks to share the experience of the Avril group’s industrial subsidiaries in terms of Health and Safety with its partners.

To ensure the success of the “SofiCARE” approach, Sofiprotéol teams have access to an enhanced toolbox, designed around four axes and six actions:


Via “SofiCARE” we affirm that
Saying nothing is tantamount to sending the message that safety is not important
All accidents can be prevented
There are no fatalities!
Safety is not delegated
it’s the responsibility of every employee



Alain Fournol, Consultant Engineer
“Sofiprotéol wishes to engage its partner companies in a dynamic of continuous improvement on issues of health and safety at work. An innovative initiative that I support. We have structured this approach around three axes: having a sales pitch to convince companies of the benefits created; developing, through training, in-house expertise to understand how to better encourage initiatives; supporting partners by providing advice at an initial diagnosis, but also by monitoring, within the framework of boards of directors, actions and their impacts.” Safety is a major issue for the company’s efficiency and the well-being of its employees. Our aim is to propose a structured approach that takes into account the human dimension. This is the focus of our approach.”

Sylvain Leopold, Director of Operations of the Solina Group*
“The safety diagnosis proposed by Sofiprotéol was the impetus needed to accelerate Solina’s own approach. At Solina, we had grasped the issue but we lacked the necessary distance to assess the relevance of our actions with regard to practices in the food industry. Completed in May 2016 by an external auditor, the safety diagnosis of our 100-worker plant in Bréal-sous-Montfort in Brittany, which is also our headquarters, showed that we were on the right track, with results in line with the average for our sector. It highlighted several relatively simple improvements, including workstation ergonomics and the reduction of heavy loads, which we immediately implemented. Other actions will require an in-depth reorganisation of our workstations, such as the planned optimisation of ventilation and dust extraction in our ingredient mixing workshop. Above all, through its recommendation of good practices that go beyond purely regulatory aspects, this diagnosis led us to deploy a structured safety approach throughout our scope, i.e. 12 plants in Europe. In 2017, we made risk prevention a priority for Solina, and this spring we are launching a major internal communication campaign around the zero-accident objective.”

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