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Our investment solutions

Sofiprotéol offers you investment solutions based on an entrepreneurial and industrial approach, whether it consists of financing your growth or innovative project, negotiating a strategic alliance or boosting your capital.

Financing innovative projects

Innovation, one of Sofiprotéol’s central interests since its creation, drives our targeted actions for the type of project supported: co-financing joint research programmes, assisting start-ups, and so on.

Ever since it was first founded, Sofiprotéol has been working on behalf of public interest projets designed to ensure the future of the oils and proteins sector. Our actions involve :

  • Providing financing for interbranch projects to support research programmes
  • Uniting companies in the sector around joint research projects in order to improve the competitiveness of products and develop outlets for them.

More broadly, Sofiprotéol supports innovative projects that come from companies in the farming sector, both start-ups and organisations developping in new sectors. Our actions involve:

  • Providing financial support in the form or equity or quasi-equity
  • Providing loans
  • Networking for technical and commercial collaborations


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