The Group’s companies

A diverse industrial group.


Over the past 25 years, Sofiprotéol has evolved through investments and acquisitions. This growth has made Sofiprotéol the diverse industrial group it is today.

Sofiprotéol’s industrial activities are organized into 2 divisions :

  • Animal Division,
  • Oilseed Division.

Each division’s investments are handled by a central company :

  • Soprol, for the Oilseed Division,
  • Sofial, for the Animal Division.

Sofiprotéol’s subsidiaries

Oilseed Division

  • Saipol : oil and oilseed cake production, and oil refining.
  • Lesieur : edible oils and dressings.
  • Diester Industrie : renewable energy and renewable chemistry.
    • Diester Industrie International : renewable energy in Europe (outside France).
    • Oleon et Novance : renewable chemistry.

Animal Division

  • The Glon Group Sanders brings together approximately 50 small and medium-sized businesses and structures them around 2 complementary businesses :
    • animal health and nutrition,
    • adding value to animal production for human nutrition.
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  • 2012 Revenus :
    7.3 billion euros
  • 2012 Workforce :
    8,000 employees

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