Diester Industrie

Diester Industrie and its subsidiary Diester Industrie International is the world leader in biodiesel


Diester Industrie, owned by Sofiprotéol’s oilseed division, is a major player in the development of oilseed crops in the renewable energy and renewable chemistry sectors. With an installed production capacity of 3 million metric tons of biodiesel in Europe, Diester Industrie, along with its subsidiary Diester Industrie International, is the world leader in biodiesel and its by-product, glycerin.

The leading European producer of biodiesel

Diester Industrie is a pioneer in the development of biodiesel, marketed in France under the brand name Diester®. Created in 1992 by Sofiprotéol, Diester Industrie organizes this entire area of business, from supplying oilseed (rapeseed, sunflower) to selling final products, such as Diester and vegetable glycerin, to oil companies and other industries.

With a total production capacity of 3 million metric tons of biodiesel, Diester Industrie and Diester Industrie International play a major role in the integration of biofuels into fuels sold in Europe.


Business and key figures for Diester Industrie

Revenues 2009* : 2,5 billion euros
Revenues 2010*: 
2,36 billion euros
Revenues 2011*: 2,690 billion euros

Industrial plants: 7 in France, 6 in Europe

Shareholder structure: Soprol ** (66,66%), Fidicoop*** et Finegoce*** (33,34 %)
Shareholder structure Diester Industrie International: 
Diester Industrie (60%) ; Bunge (40%)

* Diester Industrie International included (off NEW) and off oleochemicals.
** holding company majority owned by Sofiproteol.
*** holdings cooperatives and traders collectors oilseeds.

Leader in vegetable glycerin 

Vegetable glycerin, a by-product formed when vegetable oils are processed into biodiesel, is already used in a wide variety of sectors, from the food industry to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial products. Many developments are also underway to substitute non-renewable hydrocarbons with vegetable glycerin by-products. With a production capacity that exceeds 350,000 metric tons of vegetable glycerin, Diester Industrie is one of the world’s leading suppliers of this renewable product.

Priority to contracts with the agricultural sector

Diester Industrie illustrates the will of Sofiprotéol to establish lasting relations with the agricultural sector, farmers and collector organizations (cooperatives and traders). Since its inception, Diester Industrie has introduced a policy of contracting based on a multi-year commitment with a mechanism for dividing the added value fairly amongst the stakeholders of the sector.

Developing renewable energies

Diester Industrie brings together the Sofiprotéol group’s activities in the renewable energies sector. In France, Diester Industrie has delegated the management of its industrial facilities to its sister company, Saipol, which handles the production of Diester biofuel and glycerin.
Industrial units are therefore located near seed crushing sites and on waterways. This strategy limits the transportation needed for both raw materials and products, while also privileging “green” modes of transport. In France, Diester Industrie can thus deliver more than 85% of Diester by waterways and pipelines.

Diester Industrie and Diester Industrie International industrial sites

Diester Industrie and Diester Industrie International own biodiesel and glycerin production units located on 7 industrial sites in France and 6 sites throughout the rest of Europe. The French sites are located in Grand-Couronne, Venette, Le Mériot, Bassens, Sète, Montoir-de-Bretagne, and Cappelle-la-Grande. The other European sites are Marl (Germany), Mannheim (Germany), Livorno (Italy), Porto Corsini (Italy), Bruck an der Leitha (Austria), and Ertvelde (Belgium). 

Chairman : 
Yves Delaine
CEO : 
Alain Brinon